Smart redirect in .htaccess

Wondering if this is something that can be done in an .htaccess file – to code a “smart redirect” based on current month.


At the start of each month, I have to manually go into Yoast plugin and set a redirect for

to actually go to the page for the current month, so that people landing on that page see the food days for that particular month first.


At the very end of February, I manually set a redirect for that /food-calendar link

to be


At the end of March, I will set it to go to …food-calendar/?fwp_FoodMonth=April



I am often too busy or forget, so that sometimes this doesn’t happen until a week or two into the next month.

Is this something that can be programmed in the .htaccess file? A bit of programming so that month number is detected from date, and that if month=1, then URL = …food-calendar/?fwp_FoodMonth=January, if month=2, then URL = …/food-calendar/?fwp_FoodMonth=February, etc?

The server-side code should setup and use the current month if the get parameter doesn’t contain a valid month, i.e. it’s not set, it’s empty, or it’s not a valid month name, otherwise use the supplied month value. Any link you provide on a page for the current month, would simply not have that get parameter in it. If you want to provide links to previous month(s), they would contain the corresponding month name in the get parameter.

Can help you with the solution.
Let me know, If interested

Good Day

Update: I was able to meet the business need in another fashion. Cheers.

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