Small Game Looking for Coders

Hi, I am a member of a small game community that is looking for people who can code for it. I will start by saying that the game is so small that there is NO COMPENSATION for this position and I will not be the one reviewing applications.

It would be a great way to start to get experience as a coder for a beginner and would be a great way to implement your own ideas within the game since we are always looking for ideas on how to improve the game by adding new features.

I would appreciate it if you could follow this link, signup, and logon to get a feel for the game before you decide this is something you might want to help with.\

The link to apply is at the bottom of the screen when you log in.

Although work is expected from all the staff in the game, since you are not paid hours and amount of work is allowed to fluctuate based on your personal schedule.

My in-game username is Delta18 and if you need any help with anything or have any questions feel free to mail me either in-game or on these forums.

Personally, I have little experience in PHP but want to learn. My coding knowledge is only in C+ for microcontrollers mostly in a solar based vehicle atmosphere.

Thank you,
Sam Stevenson

I wish I had the skill and the time to learn how to do game programming…

The game is text based and the coding is very simplistic.

We only have one person coding at the time and he learns most of what he knows as he needs it and is willing to help you understand what you need to know as long as he doesn’t have to go through the basics of coding.

It is also a pretty fun game to play around with if you have free time.

Unless there is a plan to monetize this, github or similar would be a good place.

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