Small FAQ

Hello guys I bought a small faq php code cayon, the scripts work ok… with 3 execptions

  1. it does not work right in ie 8 it has some colapsable menu, and work well only in firefox.
  2. I have tryed to change the setting in the mysql to aceppt more caracters in the awnsers fields, it works upto a certain amuot of caracters, ,but if i exceed let’s say 250~300 caraters it does not hold data
    the site in questions if anyone can’t help, I am not a programmer I can modify thing to work, but this one got me, and the guy at codecayon, not aval.
  3. How can I start the q&a in complete closed mode, right now it starts in open mode ?
    Well Thank you in avanced. Like I said I am no programer.
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