Slideshow from folder in alphabetica order?


17 views & no replies to my Help post re. alphabetic-vs-random-slideshow … maybe I should use entirely different code vs trying to fix my existing code?

Anyone have a code snippet for a simple slideshow from a folder (dynamic content) that displays in alphabetical order?



What code are you talking about?


In General Php Help I posted the code.

I cannot yet post HTML links here.

Thanks for looking.


I stumble across this on the internet and found a way where if you have an array that you want to save to a database table. Doing it this way is not only fast, but is also secure.



OK, let me try to follow you …

  1. Build the array (done)
  2. Save it to a database table (I will have to learn more about that)
  3. Then display in a slideshow with thumbnail previews, etc. (will have to revisit the code for that)

Any chance you can provide a link to an example of code that successfully accomplishes all of this, please?

Thank you.