Slider default to on

So i have a page in a plug in in WP that loads a slider, but the slider is set to off and i want it to default to on.

Its part of a plug in and the code is in the shortcode directory.

I tried to play about with it but dont really have much of a clue and it didnt seem to change anything.

even when i deleted the file that the codes in, the page still loaded the same. Im at a complete loss.


What plugin is it?

listin pro plugin for a directory

If this is it, I cannot find a single mention of a slider.

Maybe I got the name wrong, sorry. It’s a form button to turn on a Google places function, you click it left to right

check the plugins directory and tell what the plugin actually is called or their site and I can look at their docs. I can’t tell anything from the html image you posted

its called listingpro-plugin, I dont think there is any documentation to the plugin :frowning:

Is this what the backend looks like?

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