Site suddenly stopped working

At first let’s tell me what my site looks like: this is a bout a site hosted on sohosted with an own domain, ‘’, with Wordpress software installed combinated with phpBB software, linked to eachother with the WP-United software.

Yesterday I was browsing the forum and suddenly an error jumps up. Initially, inside the error module of phpBB. I didn’t really mind and clicked the main page, but suddenly there was a white screen with (the same) error message. And now the forum displayed a plain white screen as well. The error said something about the database being ‘read only’ or something… and yet I hadn’t done anything to the database. After refreshing the page a few times, the error message had disappeared and there was just a plain white screen. So I quickly replaced all the files with a back-up, and one moment I noticed the forum as completely back (yet the main page was still blank), but when the back-up had completely loaded, the forum went blank again too.

Please help me as soon as possible, because this isn’t very positive for my site!

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