Show logged in users only their uploads

H everyone…I have faced a BIG problem that I can’t solve it…I have got a login system and logged in user can upload photos and there is a page where I show all photos uploaded by all users but my aim is to show the user only their uploads so that they can delete the photos if they want to. I asked this on stack overflow and did a deep google search but nothing seems to be working AT ALL. does any one know how to solve this problem? It has been 3 days since I got stuck and spent all the day to figure this out. I really need help…

Well it depends on how you manage your user database and your photos. If you are not using databases it will be a little more complicated but not impossible.

like matt said, it all depends on your db structure and how you’re managing the user’s files. The simplest way to do it would be to keep a table with all the filenames, file info and the associated user id. Then you can run a simple query to pull out and display the appropriate images.

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