should be easy question about gaming website

im helping a friend with his online game and i just started php, dont know a whole bunch about it. this code is from a ‘weapons’ shop.

one of the fields on his db is ID, and i want it to only display the id’s > 36 but i cant seem to figure out how to do it. here is some code…

$select = mysql_query(“select * from weps order by id”);

echo “


while($lis = mysql_fetch_array($select))



echo “



echo “

Weapon Name Strength Required Cost Min Dmg Max Dmg Buy?
$lis[name] $lis[str_req] $lis[cost] $lis[dmg] $lis[dmg2] <a href=step.php?lstep=wep&action=buy&id=$lis[id]>Buy

Im assuming it will be somewhere in there where the code that will make it only show the items > ID 36

i hope someone can help! thanks a bunch :)

SQL queries are your friend ;)

What you’re looking for is the WHERE clause of the SELECT query:

$select = mysql_query("select * from weps order by id");


$select = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM weps WHERE id > 36 ORDER BY id");
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