Setting Up MySQL

alright, I just reformatted my computer and I am beginning to setup MySQL, PHP, and Apache on it so I can use my computer as a temporary web server.

I’ve installed PHP and Apache and both work fine but I am having problems with MySQL. I installed it and I went into the windows XP command prompt to create a database. I typed in “mysqladmin create main” to create the database “main” but when I do so it returns an error of access being denied to use “@localhost”.

I am at a loss of how to configure a username for mysql so if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.


Please check

WAMP has grown up. Give a try!

I tried a bunch of AMP installers including WAMP in the past and they always ended up the same: unusable!

Then recently I tried the latest WAMP and it was love at fifth sight!

Check it out! It is working now.

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