Setting up a billing program


One of the first tasks I need to undertake as my own programmer since the programmer guy buggered off on me is a billing program that will calculate inputed numbers and produce a statement.

I think I am OK when it comes to setting up a table for billing in MYSQL, but on the PHP end, does anyone have any tips, links or code snippets that are tested and de-bugged that might help me not only learn but save some time in re inventing the wheel?

Thanks a lot. :D


can’t help ya with pre-made code snippets but I can send you to some really good tutorials… check out in their tutorials/basics section. They have tutorials for forms and the validation of data input into them.


I will do so. As I build this thing, I will probably post sections of it here for others to see what I do right and wrong, that way not only do I learn and get help with problem areas but others might learn, too. Sometimes the manuals are not easy for a beginner to figure out. I will check out those tutorials first, though. They sound like they’ll mesh well with the book I am using.