Sessions problem?


Well, in the few times I’ve checked back here, I’ve noticed that pretty often I get an error that has to do with sessions. Now I’m not a pro when it comes to sessions (hence I use (mildly secure) cookies for my own website), but I’d like to see this problem solved. This forum can be a great help to many a PHP programmer/newbie, but it has to be stable above all.

Also, I see a quite a bit of advertisements (especially in the General section). I say this shouldn’t be allowed. So far my opinion.


I agree 100% however the owner of the board does not seem to be responding to requests.

I used to go through and remove all the advertising posts and block the users/ip addresses, but it’s all for not. Since no one really posts messages here about PHP any more, and no one wants to do much about it, I have stopped.

I have offered to reproduce this board on my server (sample WORKING snapshot at ) and have more than one person get access to the system to fix problems (Like the current session issue with this board) but I have met with limited response (although most was favorable). Thus I have not sent out a Mass email to users to pursue it.

If you wish, you can send a message to BUILDER who is the site admin/owner but you will not likely get a response.


Hmmz, the bad news with good boards/sites is that they’re often neglected by their owners sooner or later. If the admins/mods can’t get a hold of the owner, I don’t think I could do much good trying to get his attention. If your forum is open and running, I think I’ll join it.