Session trouble?


I am relatively new to administering a server running PHP5 and am not a coder but am trying to get a PHP based shopping cart called Shop-Script from Webasyst working. The support staff at Webasyst has been resonsive and courteous but has not been able to solve my problem.

The problem appears, to this novice, to concern sessions. Each visit to the cart site creates a session file. The problem is that when visitors on my site add an item to their cart the screen says “cart is empty.”

On the instruction of the staff at Webasyst, I set the path in the php.ini file to a particular folder and gave the IUSR write permission (full control, even, in experiments) to that folder. Session files are written.

I suspect that the cart is not able to “read” what it has written in that sessions folder. I don’t know if that makes sense – like I said, I’m not a coder.

I have php.ini configured to display errors. None are displayed in the above scenario. However, if I remove write permission from the IUSR, errors are displayed (which only demonstrates that errors will be displayed).

The server is a Windows 2003 server (yeah, I know, but that’s all I’ve got) with PHP5. It is running a few other PHP sites just fine (4 phpBB2 boards and a few other php sites).

I would gladly send copies of the php.ini and the cart includes files via email or whatever is convenient as well as provide the url to the site but don’t want to advertise it. If anyone can offer advice or instruction I’d greatly appreciate it.


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