Seriously Need Help

Alright, i donno how to explain it really, i am a SERSIOUS N00B. so basically i want to Automate thing’s, like i want a way so when people register it will lutomatically show up on a member list and everything, also i want a way so when each member, when they login, it show’s a different text when they login at the top, also, i want to find a way, so that like, a member can type like promote a member, and it will say their new rank in the member lists texts ect…

I am starting a clan, and i need a site, and to have a good clan, i ned to learn these things, so if you think you can help me plz meg me at MSN or AIM at [email protected] or AIM IAArchon22

It would be much approcated, thank you.

What have you done? What are your problems? What SPECIFICALLY can we do to help you.

YOU need to help us help you. We will not write the script for you. Present us with your script/code snippit along with the problems you are having with it and we will help.

Also, please TRY and use proper language. I, for one, do not know what meg me is.

As peg110 said, please be a LOT more specific in your post otherwise you risk the topic being locked (or worse - deleted)

well, that’s just it, i don’t have a clue how to do anything on php. =(
I need to learn.

Well, then you should start with a good book. I personally, recommend Beginning PHP 4 from WROX Press. ALthough PHP is now up to Version 5, it’s still a good book. I believe someone else on this forum recommended Beginning PHP, Apache, MySQL Web Development Also from WROX Press.

Either way chose a good book and start from there. Once you have a script you need help with, we will be happy to help you through the bumps.

Finally, I also recommend a quick glance at on posting your questions.

i have tried to read up on it before, but i never got it, i learn by likehands on activities like someone telling me hmethign is done, and me doing it

In that case I suggest you try the tutorials on google (especially the topics from Lycos)

Thats how I first started :)

Let me ask one question, Do you understand what PHP is and how it works?

If you don’t understand that, programming in will be next to impossible.

i have no clue, i know HTML pretty well, but that is it…

Well may I suggest you do a little bit of reading first, try starting with a few basic tutorials from google, or get yourself a book such as suggested on the front page

well, i got free scripts from a friend just what i need, just need free hosting for it

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