SEO keywords


I made a website to do SEO recently, but the site’s ranking has not been improved. Is this the reason for the site itself, or the reason for doing SEO keywords? This is the website link:


9.6 MB download page? :o

You have some learning to do. No point even getting into the site errors.


There are lots of things on your website which you need to improve. Most important thing is website loading speed your website loading speed is high which is the major factor for search engine ranking.
There lots of things which are missing :

  1. Canonical issue: Resolve immediately
  2. Meta Tags: Need improvement
  3. Heading Tags: Need improvement
  4. Alt attribute: Good
  5. Favicon: missing
  6. lack backlinks
  7. Issue in internal linking
  8. keyword density

Your website contains good products if you optimize your website google search engine then it multiply your business 10 times within 1 or 2 months.

Keep it up!


You need to improve your website mainly website loading speed, heading tags,meta tags…etc


first do on page optimization for your site, and then go for off page optimization


just do on page seo and then check the ranking


Perfectly first do On page SEO then go for Off page SEO…


Your site is too heavy :o


just do on page seo and off page seo and then check the ranking just 1 month