Sending Image data to databse

I have a section I have created in my osCommerce store for people to be able to upload their photos to my site, and the photos are sent to my database.

I am having trouble hooking up to mySQL database through myPHPadmin.
— The photos and info attached the photos need to be posted to database.
— The user needs to be sent to a success page after the data post.
— The success page needs to call the database and show some of the data info that was passed on the page before.

(Here are the fields I am posting=

  • Photo/image
  • Name of artist
  • Year created
  • title of image)

Then on the success page I need the info that was sent to show up and a artist id and the artwork id
to show that everything was successfully sent to the db.

All of the work on the database has been done.
I just need the correct PHP to do this.

Can anyone help me?

  • Steve
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