Sending a private message as a "new user"


I have apparently reached my limit of replies in a single topic at “14 for a single day” and the forum will no longer allow me to post for another 14 hours. I would like to send a PM to the guy that’s been helping me, but I’m assuming he’s aware of this limit anyway? I assure you I will not ask for help in a PM, as we’re told not to in the user guidelines. am I also forbidden from sending PM’s to other users while I’m still classified as a “new user”? If I am, when will this status of mine change so I can enjoy a lifting of these limits on my account?

I was researching on how to send a PM and I got a message from John about me being upgraded to “trust” level, apparently cuz I read the terms of service or help articles/FAQ? At any rate, apparently that upgrade has lifted the 14 reply limitation on me.

Isn’t online help fun? LOL That was sarcasm !!!
Well, my last post said to remove the … from the beginning of those lines.
I will upload tests to my Godaddy server for you if needed. Just let me know either on the main post or in private messages. I have been here forever and actually am an administrator so I can get all messages as needed.

now that I’m “trusted” I get a “new message” button. thanks.

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