Send information from one form to two other forms

Hello I have a question. How can I send information from one form to two other forms in real time (in my case it is in a restaurant by ordering the food to be sent to the kitchen and the drinks to the bar) In my database I break down the food and drinks by 1 and 0. So how can i do that by pressing the button to send a message depending on the order. Thanks for your time.

There are lots of ways of architecting this, none of them simple. You’d be better off looking for an off the shelf open source POS package and concentrating on your menu.

Don’t use a zero as a data value, since it is treated as a false value too. Instead, use data values 1, 2, … You should actually be defining the categories/types in a database table, in which case the ids would be the auto-increment primary index, which would start at one.

Hi Tedi;

Possibly you have the solution by now? Anyways; I’m not sure I understand your question well. In the way I understand it my answer would be: The computers in the kitchen and the bar have to poll your database on the server. For example check every 30 seconds if new a new order has arrived. To do that you can do long polling or use websocket. If you wanna use websocket maybe you will have, like for my server provider, pay an additional fee to be able to use node.js…

Good luck.

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