send email from php with files attached to it

I have an .html program which has a form in it with the ability to attach a photo (.jpg, etc.) and up to three letters of recommendation (.docx, etc.). That seems to work just fine. But when I send it to my PHP program, the program blows up, only telling me that there is an error, but not where or what. I have created mini-programs on the send and receive ends to try and simplify the problem but to no avail. I use DreamWeaver 8, but can’t figure out how to simulate the error there. I would be glad to supply the mini-me versions of the code for both programs. My .html and PHP background is totally self-taught and very spotty, and I have been struggling with this problem for months without resolution.
This form is very necessary for our ministry, and we help a lot of people in the 3rd World. Without this Membership Application Form, it makes it much more difficult for our ministers across the world to register with us. I’m totally stumped. H E L P !!!

Dr. Ray Young
International Circle of Faith
President, Colleges and Seminaries Network

Hi and welcome to our forum! Please feel free to post your php code here. Also, what is the error message you are getting? Maybe you can check your error log?

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