Selecting a record in the middle

hi does anyone know to select for ex. I have a record and I want to select records below and above it so that it always ten records showing.
A good example for this app is a highscore table, if I just enter a record, then I want to query all the records above and under me to know exactly where is my position on the table and it always show 10 records at the time. So if I just made top of the list i only need to query records under me and vice versa…

Can this be done using select command ?? or I need to manually select them (problaly costs me 3 select)??

I think much of this is based on how your database is setup and how you are determining the Ranking. … ators.html

maybe that can help with PHP providing the logic to handle the parts. Not saying it is a good method :) but it could work.

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