Select table and then select particular row in that table using two combo boxes

I Need some help.i just have some tables in data base, that is

homerent —Month(primary key),billamount,duedate,countstatus
foodbill—Month(primary key),billamount,duedate,countstatus
currentbill—Month(primary key),billamount,duedate,countstatus
internetbill—Month(primary key),billamount,duedate,countstatus

In the front end, i will put two combo box and a submit button.
All i need is first combo box will have to select the table.Second combo box shows all month of particular table which is selected (user will select a month their), then by pressing submit.Will have to shows all fields of particular month.
i.e Internet September $200 oct-5 not paid

Sounds like you know what you want to accomplish…

Where are you getting stuck?

Show us the code you have so far.

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