Select letter menu requires 2 clicks.

Have this code:
--------------------- Code Start ------------------
if ( isset( $_GET[‘GetLetter’] ))
setcookie(“AdminLetter”, $_GET[‘GetLetter’] );
} else {
setcookie(“AdminLetter”, ‘A’ );

if ( isset($_COOKIE[“AdminLetter”]))
$letter = $_COOKIE[“AdminLetter”];
} else {
$letter = ‘A’;
– select from db etc. –
--------------------- Code End ------------------
Letters across top with URL for the page and parameter GetLetter
Lets user select a letter and then retrieve all individuals whose name starts with that letter.
Problem - doing it this way requires 2 clicks to get the results. Example: to retrieve “B” names you need to click the B menu item twice.

Are you just trying to filter the results of a query? This seems like a snippet of a very tedious code logic.

testing priveleges?

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