Select boxes and trailed titles are far apart


Hi everyone,
Although this is a PHP forum and my app. is PHP too, my problem lays, I think, in CSS
programming but I cannot display it in a CSS forum since it is a
combination. I hope someone here can help me with the complication I bumped into.
My app. shows a table and the user is asked to select “from… to” ranges for each column.
I’d like the select boxes and the titles “from…to” to be close together, at the same line.
My code:

yields select boxes placed far from their accompanied title.
I would also like the “selects” to be at the same table column beneath their column titles but that is
too much to ask for the time being.
I’d just ask anyone who can to show me how to stick together select boxes with their trailed titles
and put them in one line.
Thanks a lot.


I’m sorry ! I dont know how to delete the post. It should be delivered to HTML forum !


A few things first.

Don’t use tables for layout. Tables should only be used for tabular data, which a form is not.

The id attribute should be unique to all elements on the page. So, no two elements should have the same id. If you want to use it for styling, you would use a class attribute.

The last issue, what you are actually asking about, is caused by this: