seeking script...

This may seem an odd request, but here it goes.

I have “Person A” seeking a script (which I could customize) to be able to login, upload an image (or pdf) with form elements such as a pulldown menu and “comments” box. This would create an “entry” - or something like that.

In turn, “Person B” can then login to view the uploaded image/pdf along with any comments and select an item from the pulldown menu and “submit” that form back to “Person A” - an email would be automatically sent notifying “Person A” that the form has been updated.

Is there a piece of code (or module) that exists for something like this (a free one)??

Thanks in advance!

I have uploaded something I could use here:, but if you click on “add new” and upload an image file, it doesn’t appear under the column “file” - am I missing something?

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