Seeking partners 2 complete project


Unique opportunity for the right person(s).

Seeking unpaid PARTNERS to finish large scale websites project. Nothing is guaranteed, but finished project is projected to generate millions in revenue per year. About 33% of the project is complete and online, generating $2500/mo. from about 20,000 human sessions per day. Partners will receive equity in the project in proportion to contributions, sharing the profits when they exceed a predetermined amount.

Advanced skills are not as important as energy, interest and time commitment. You must have significant free time to devote to the project on an unpaid basis. For the PHP programmer, you must be able to provide working code to specification, but you won’t be judged on it.

Skills needed (in order of priority/involvement):

PHP programmer. (JS, Laravel, CSS is a plus) Include at least one example of some php code that you’ve completed.
Web pages designer (CSS, mobile/responsive is a plus) Include links to some design work that you’ve done.
LAMP server admin (migration, scaling and security issues)
LAMP email admin (bulk and automated mailing, reputation management, etc)
Adsense advertising manager (A/B testing, etc)

The first two are needed now, the rest will be needed in several months.

For those that pass the first step, I will pitch the project to you over the next few weeks. You should be able to evaluate the revenue potential pretty easily. This project competes with established solutions, but in novel ways. The demographic is skewed towards older internet users (40+). Project already contains millions of records of content and 200,000 email addresses.

THIS OPPORTUNITY IS NOT FOR MOST PEOPLE. But for a select few, it will be a life-changing commitment. After building on it for 8 years, I currently do not have the free time to finish this by myself, and there is plenty of reward to share with the right team. Where you live is not important, but being in North Dallas is a plus.


Nothing like sweat equity for the next billion dollar idea!!!

After 8 years and a prototype, or even better, a working apparatus, you could pitch to a VC and afford someone to work on this.


To be fair you could easily hire a cheap dev 100% for less than what this is generating each month ($2500) - and in turn of course keep all the equity…


Let’s see… While you make $2500 a month, I get to work for free with no guarantees of anything. That sounds like a fantastic deal! You must have people lined up around the block to work on it.


I need every penny of that $2500/mo plus have to work 12 hrs/day doing Uber just to keep my household from being homeless (I have seven disabled family members). If I’m lucky, I can squeeze out 1/2 an hour a day to work on new programming, after about an hour of website maintenance every night. If I had the time, I’d do it all myself until the revenue had grown enough to hire some cheap Laravel shop in India to rewrite the sites for me. As it is, I’ll probably have to keep trying to squeeze out enough spare minutes to make enough changes to boost revenue enough to allow me to cut back on my Uber hours and spend even more time coding. Rinse, repeat.

However, if I find someone that wants to step in and help me finish the project in a year or two, instead of another three to five years, I’m willing to share the profits.

But, go ahead and judge without insight. Either someone out there has the intuition to check this opportunity out or not. Either way, I’ll get this project finished, unless I have a stroke or heart attack first. I’d prefer to actually have a retirement on half the proceeds, instead of working more years for all the proceeds, but we’ll see.


astonecipher: I have pitched to one VC (sort of), and might do some more, but I’m not too excited about the limitations imposed by VCs and the bite they want to take. There may come a time when the project is fully featured and complete in its components, but will need VC to scale up, but I’m thinking it will grow enough organically. I have enough email addresses (and will have at least 2x as many when the time comes) to do direct promotion of the newer sections in a significant campaign).