Secret Windows Tool

I just discovered that Windows <= V.7 has a hidden tool to record the steps to recreate a problem. It creates screenshots and a step by step text of actions taken and then zips it up.

To access, just search for PSR (Problem Step Recorder) in the start menu search box. I can’t believe I never knew about this. Thanks for hiding it stupid Microsoft.

Interesting! I will have to share this with the company. Much appreciated.

Wow i had no idea about this either :P. Gonna have a look´se and see what i can do with it. Thnx for sharing mate!

That’s probably the coolest windows trick I’ve ever seen… and they hid it? :o

You want to see something else really amazing? Create a folder and rename it:


You will have access to all kinds of goodies in the folder.

Yeah I already have that on my desktop ;D Funny thing is once I added it, haven’t used it once.

Another nice “trick” is Win+G (not sure if Win10 only), then just say whatever you’re doing (web browser, IDE, etc) is a game and you can record your screen with no additional software. Very handy on some locked down corporate machines.

It’s Win10. That is the Gamebar.

Not sure if this does not require Xbox app to be installed (W10),which has to be logged in to your Microsoft ID account…

How to find it on Windows 10?

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