Search/filter not returning correct results

Hi there.

First off, thanks for any help you can provide me with.

Ok the problem:

I am setting up an affiliate site using wordpress, and the plugin i am using (which is paid for and the dev hasn’t given me the support he promised in his pre sales agreement) returns products, retailers, brands etc based on a pre defined string. e.g of coding. [afil query=“iphone” ]. What i am trying to do is change it so the results shown are based on what the user wants to see, so a little search form where they would be able to type e.g “Search: ‘Iphone’ Retailer:‘phoneshop’” which would then return all results relating to the search.

Things to know:
The afilliate plugin works by calling data from an external database.
The code must begin [afil query="" ]
I have tried creating a text field which when submitted (POST method) would echo the text to the code.
e.g [afil query="<?php echo $text1;?>" ] - This would just return a random display of results.

I hope you can be of any help as this has been a head scratcher for me for about 5 days now.


It is hard to give advise without seeing the code. You’re trying to add new functionality to Wordpress plugin, and besides knowing PHP syntax, functions etc. you also need to learn Wordpress Plugins guidelines.

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