Script for email notification when web server has files updated?

I currently have multiple hosting accounts for various websites that I own. I have some web designers that work from home. Is there a way for me to setup a script that will notify me via email when a file or folder has had activity or changed? This would let me know when they’ve made changes to certain areas of the website that I’m monitoring, including the change or addition of new files. I’d also like the email to state the name and location of the file that was updated/added. Help?

in short, you can’t really do what you want with php alone. or rather, that’s the wrong way to try. here are some ideas:

services/software to monitor web-pages for changes, with alerts:
only that will not tell you about NEW files, unless they are linked to from an existing page. for that, you need some sort of project tracking/version control

the most common least obtrusive being GIT:

Someone had told me this…but I had no idea how to accomplish their suggestion…

“Simple PHP script - traverse directories, check date and time modified, send an email. Set it up on a schedule (a cron job).”


I’d prefer not to have a third party service for it.

Which part is unclear?

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