script for doc to docx ! help

I am trying to read the content of word file and store in dB.
It works well for docx format but not for doc files so i need to convert my doc file to docx files.
Thank You .
Good Day

Have you tried simply changing the extension from .doc to .docx. I know that Windows/MS Word has no problems coping with this locally, so it might be worth a try.

From your other post, this appears to support both DOC and DOCX

thx for the reply
but xerxes when we write the script and when the user runs it on the system , we dont know whether he/she uploads the doc or docx file .
so I have to be ready for both !
I tried ur suggestion but i need script!
THx good day

Thx M@tt .
But i m not using the zend framework !
I need php script !
I m using smarty mvc
Good day !

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