script for creating multiple Unicode files download function with fonts unchange


I am new to this forum and want to share the issue that i am facing.

"I have developed a news portal in Hindi. In the Admin panel, I have provided an Area where various news agencies can login and pick the news they would like to take for there newspaper but here is the problem " i don,t know what kind of functionality should i use, when anyone pick all the desired news es and click on download all… the news (which are in unicode form) must get collected at one place and converted in …rtf format so that after getting downloaded and when used again by unzipping them… there should be no issue of fonts compatibility.

here is how i wanted to do it:

news picked using check boxes(which are in hindi [unicode]) ------- (a dropdown option will be available for the different fonts like 1. unicode 2. chanakya 3. kritidev)------ news get collected at one place (XML or anything) before getting zipped ------ converted in .rtf format ------ get downloaded in zipped form ----- at user end if it is unzipped to get used in there portal… there should be no font issue. (if possible also want to know the method to provide the font integrated download.)

any help will be a blessing for me… and apology for the language as i am not used to use the Tech language.

Thanks… :slight_smile:

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