safe to enter mysql

Hey all back with another question

I have a field that needs to accept a paypal button code like this



now this site is hosted on my server but users have a subdomain on my server and if upgraded can use there own paypal button to accept payments my question is whats the best way to insert this button to a db for security…

if I strip it or remove slashes or mysql_real it breaks…


And if you used PDO or MySQLi instead of deprecated mysql_query (which has been removed completely from newer PHP versions meaning if your host upgrades their PHP version, your queries will fail) you wouldn’t have to escape anything.

thanks for your input I do use MYSQLI - what makes me laugh is out of all the text in my question the only thing you had to add is that i missed an I on mysql - thanks :slight_smile:

Ha, got to admin when I’m beaten!

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