Running php on IIS microsoft platform to communicate with MS SQL 2000+ and MySql

Good day, My name is Samson. Please i need assistance on my Php,mySql and MS Sql project. The assistance goes does:

  1. I have MS Sql 2000 server CD to install.
  2. I want to download mySql server from mySql website.
  3. I want to download PHP installer from
  4. I want to deploy all of these on IIS i.e Microsoft platform.

What i want to achieve is that , i want my php scripts to be able to communicate with both database servers(MS sql and mySql) on this platform.kindly help me with useful documentations or help notes.

I appreaciate this forum for helping people solve their problems.


Well, I myself have never used PHP on IIS/Windows platform. But as far as I know PHP/MySQL should work with no problem there. As for PHP/MS SQL, you will probably need to use PHP extension to work with MS SQL databases. You can find more details on requirements here:

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