Running jar

Hi people, maybe someone here can help me. I’m trying to make a page on my server that will run a jar file, more specifically minecraft.
The command itself is to start the server is :
java -Xmx512M -Xms512M -jar minecraftforge-universal-1.4.7- nogui
Its been awhile since i have done wed dev of any sort but can anyone help with this ??
I have tried exec, but it seems to hang, i have tried shell_exec but it seems to run perfectly, accept that the server doesnt start :stuck_out_tongue: and i tried system, but it just hangs also ?
I have taken the scdp_exec out of the disabled in apache and i have also incresed the size able to run in php.ini to 2048 just to see if it would work.
Any help would be greatly appreciated :wink:
Security isint a problem here btw, its only for me to play around with :wink:

This thread may or may not help you.

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