Run PHP Project

So im not good with visual studio code or php, today i received a project by email from a friend to check it out and work a bit on it to learn php, but i dont know how i am supposed to run it to check it on a browser. I extracted the file that my friend sent and openned it in visual studio code but nothing works, I also downloaded XAMPP and phpmyadmin, nothing is working for me ! PLEASE HELP

you have to start and use XAMPP, like it is said in their documentation.

Oussama, If you have XAMPP set up and running, you can open the index.php file under that.
XAMPP simulates a server on your local machine. Once running, you can basically run anything just like it is on a remote server. The files can be HTML which will already run under any browser, PHP files that need to have the XAMPP up and running when accessed and MySQL/PDO database systems, too. You will need to set up the database tables if they were already set up before. And, you can use the PHP files for testing.

Now, with all this said, we can help you with your code, but, we need to see some of it. I suggest you start up your XAMPP, edit one of the files your friend sent to you and see if it runs okay. If not, post here what you did and what errors you received and we might be able to help.

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