Run a program(exe) using php

Hi im a little new to php so i dont know if this is very basic or not but anyways.
I wanna run a program(exe) using php code.

And if it matters its for a vista gadget.


Well im a little stupid on php (i can some few things only) but could you or someone make like it should make a little box and the picture is a button and when pressed it shall run my program.

create your page in html. Then create the PHP page. In the page that you want to call the exec function, create a hyperlink (anchor) to the PHP page containing the exec function.

<?php // call the command exec('Pathtoexecutable'); ?>

Make sure the webserver has permissions to execute the command otherwise it will fail.

You can refer to for details on the exec() function.

Watch out with using system calls in PHP. If your code is flawed, your host machine may be compromised by unauthorized users (ie. you get hacked).


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