Riddle Game in PHP


Hello Every one,

I am about to start a project of making a riddle game, the idea is like a riddle based on levels, each level has a photo with too many hints.

Also, a box with some hints, only appear for a limited time according to user session.

Finally, an input box with a submit button to provide the keyword to move to the next level, and if the user didn’t enter it, the page reload again to shows a wrong keyword or wrong answer.

I have a solid knowledge of html & css. A quite good knowledge with php & mysql.

I just need to make a scope. Someone helps me with what do I really need to start with ? and how it will be connected together ?



You might want to start here. http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html


I would do this with plain JS or JQuery or Vue.js over php.

Unless the answers are very simple I’d recommend using multiple choice instead of text field for the answers.

I did something almost similar to what you describe a long time ago. I cannot find it now but I still have the code I used as the starting point: http://thinsoldier.github.io/externals/slidesjs/examples/thn-validate-before-next/


@thinsoldier Thank you so much. This really helps me a lot.