rewriterule issue...


I am having some trouble with my .htaccess rewrite rule.
This is my current url:
It works perfectly.

The problem is, I want to remove the 0 (zeros), but when I do, it obviously doesn’t like that.

In other words, the 0 (zero) means no data for that specific parameter. I want to be able to not show the 0 if there isnt any data.
e.g: should be

OR … %20Data/0/ should be … 0-%20Data/

Here is my .htaccess rewrite rule:
RewriteEngine on // - you are starting rewrite mod
RewriteBase / // - you set the rewrite base
rewriterule ^([^.]+)/([^.]+)/([^.]+)/([^.]+)/$ display_pages.php?mid=$1&smid=$2&ssmid=$3&pid=$4 [L]


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