Retrive an xml file from mail or ftp?



There is this company that does not have an API for their data. Instead they can send the data to me thru mail or FTP. I have no idea how to retive the data from any of this with a php cron job every week or so. Could somone please tell me what would be the easiest to use?


if they can send it to your ftp server then all you need to do is read the file

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It’s called ETL processing. So, can you parse the file currently?

The next step is to just have a cron script running to move the file to a new location and process it. You move it so that it doesn’t get reprocessed accidentally.

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Thank you guys

@JimL Is that how it works? Someone told me that hey might have a ftp-server where they upload the data to. Then i somehow have to acess their server and download the data. Would be better if they do as you say, send it to my ftp-server but how do I know which approach they are using?

@astonecipher sounds easy. I currently dont have the file so i dont know what it looks like but its xml so it shouldnt be to hard to parse it


That’s how to get the file. Then, you just follow the other steps to process it.


I don’t know, you said they could send it via ftp. If they meant make it available on ftp that is something different.

That is also a possibility. Quite easy to do as well. php even has functions ready for it

or you can use one of many packages on packagist

ask them :slight_smile:


Thank you guys! Ill return if I encounter any problems with this