[RESOLVED]keeping the page state FORMS

Hello there
I wanted to ask you this: I have a get variable in the url which indicates the language in which a website is shown.Moreover, there is a form with a text area which loses its content when the language is changed because I am not keeping any get or post variable with the content of that text area. For that reason, I wanted to learn some way to keep the state of the content of the text area so that the user can still see the text that they wrote when they changed the language of the website. You can check what I mean if you write anything in the text area of the contact section of http://www.metatradersoftware.com and change the language before clicking send. As you will see, the content of the text area will be lost.
I would appreciate any idea to keep that content.
Thanks in advance

You can use cookies or even sessions. I prefer sessions because then I Have control regardless of what the users cookie settings are set at.

Thanks, good suggestion. Then I will think about using sessions from now on because it seems a sound idea. I already was using cookies though.

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