Hi all,
For the last two hours i’ve been taking calls and emails from irate clients who’s websites have disappeared!
Upon investigation it turns out my hosts (hostgator) are doing some emergency maintenance - whilst I understand this is necessary sometimes, this is the third outage this year - and one too many as far as I’m concerned.

Anyone got any recommendations?
Thanks guys and gals,
Red :slight_smile:

PS: I must add, I have been with them for years and aside from the outages, the rest of the service has been fantastic.


Consider load balanced services like rackspace and/or cloudflare.


Thanks Jim, will take a look. - websites are back, but intermittent dropping out so i assume issue still not resolved at their end :frowning:


Sounds like a Cloudflare account would cover that pretty well, they also add stuff like CDN, HTTPS, etc so it could be a great upgrade nevertheless.


Amazon gives you a free server for a year with limited resources to test out.

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