Rename Uploaded File To Session ID

I have a really good upload script that i found on the internet but i can not find a way to rename the file that has been uploaded. I have attached the original script.



[attachment deleted by admin]


The “Attachment” options was not intended to be enabled, and was subsequently corrected. (Many differences between phpBB2 and phpBB3 that I am still getting used to).

Regardless, you are posting an (essentially) entire script from outside. (i.e. 3rd Party). Although you may find someone that will help (and I will if I can), we generally frown upon the “Here is a script I found… Fix it?” type of question. Especially one that contains multiple files (that you had previously attached).

If you can narrow the question down and provide “Relevant” portions of the script using the phpBB code tags, perhaps we can be of more service to you.

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