Rename files by taking names from text files

Hi, I would like to change the names of the files in a directory with a script.
I have a directory that contains 20 files:
‘City (1) .doc’ which must become ‘city - London.doc’
‘City (2) .doc’ which must become ‘city - Paris.doc’
‘City (3) .doc’ which must become ‘city - Roma.doc’
Etc…. until
locations (20) .doc

I have a “NEW-NAMES.txt” file which contains 20 names:
etc … up to the twentieth name

the names of the file “NEW-NAMES.txt” are already progressively organized to be replaced
city ​​(1) is renamed with London which is the first name which is dell file “NEW-NAMES.txt”
city ​​(2) is renamed with Paris which is the second name of the file “NEW-NAMES.txt”
city ​​(3) is renamed with Rome which is the third name of the file “NEW-NAMES.txt”
basically the word
‘City’ remains unchanged while the parenthesis with the number
‘(1) ’must be replaced by’ - ‘and the word’ London ‘(found in the’ NEW-NAMES.txt 'file
once renamed the new file should be:
city ​​- London.doc
city ​​- Paris.doc
city ​​- Rome.doc
etc. etc.

I hope I was clear
in the explanation, despite my bad english

Can you help me?
Thank you all!

Programming help forums, and specifically the forum section you posted this in, are not about getting someone to write free code for you.

Do you have a question, problem, or error with some code you have written?

I’ll sort you out for fifty quid.

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