Remove *.0 from datebase info

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After looking at the numbers in the driver stats you will notice they are producing numbers like this 4.0 | 3.4 |4.8|2.0|5.0|1.0

Is there a way i can get rid of the .0 on everything but the avg starts and avg. finishes???

The info is change over from an excel program, then uploaded to mysql. I noticed that it uploads the numbers as double. Does this have anything to do with the *.0

Thanks, Buster

don’t use number_format on these values.

the .0 is produces by number_format not by the DB.

I changed the format in excel to text. and it still add the .0

what has excel to do with this?

ah i get it…what exatcly do can i use the .htmlentities format will this work?

htmlentities() is allways good. but not needed for integers.

ur on the save side using htmlentities().

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