Registration Script

Hi there,

I have a sit using WordPress and I want to re-write the registration page. I want the user to fill in a registration form, which will then take their details and pass them to the relevent user-tables in the database. However, I want it to submit them to more than one table so that when a user registgers via my WordPress registration page, they are also registered for my other systems such as my Marketplace, Classifieds & Forums. All of these systems have their user-tables in the same MySQL database so I can’t see it being too much of a problem. Basically what I want the PHP Script to do is the following:

  1. User enters their details (such as name, email address, desired username, password etc…)
  2. Script collects these details & passes them to the wp-users table in the MySQL database as usual.
  3. Script also passes exact same details to the phpbb-users table
  4. Script also passes exact same details to another user-table (and any others that I want to specify)

Please can somebody tell me how this can be achieved?

You actually already described how to do this: in steps 1-4. You need to analyze data structure (table fields) of “user” tables in each of your script (forum, wp, etc.) and code a script that will save user info to each of these tables.

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