register. php not working


Hello all
I decided to download an auction script (weBid) through my Cpanel on my website.
as you may know everything is automatic. setting up database etc.
but when I clicked on register a new user I get this message.

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The website cannot display the page HTTP 500
Most likely causes:
•The website is under maintenance.
•The website has a programming error.
What you can try:

Thinking it must have downloaded incorrectly. I deleted it and downloaded again but with the same result.
So I downloaded the program and uploaded it to a free hosting website. and once installed worked perfectly.
So I then uploaded the same folder (script) to my paid host. Installed it. But with the same result as before when clicking the register button on the NAV bar I get a 500 error, Yet all the other links work fine.
When checking the error log it tells me

[20-Feb-2018 13:15:09 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Can’t use method return value in write context in /home/a1carava/public_html/auctions/register.php on line 217

When checking that file this is what it says.

	if (empty($system->filter($_POST['TPL_nick'])))

It may be a glaring answer to someone in the know but im afraid its got me stumped.

my only other thought is the free website that the script works perfect on I have uploaded to /Public_Html/
My paid website I have uploaded it to a subdomain /Public_Html/auctions/ but if this is the problem why are the other links working?
Any advice would be gratefully received.


Will need more code. What is 10 lines above and 10 lines below that? It may also be the filter method that is called.


Hi and thank you for looking.
I have copied the lines in the register.PHP file and they run from line 200 tp line 230

if ((empty($_POST['TPL_day']) || empty($_POST['TPL_month']) || empty($_POST['TPL_year'])) && $MANDATORY_FIELDS['birthdate'] == 'y')
	$missing['birthday'] = true;
foreach ($gateway_data as $gateway)
	if ($gateway['gateway_required'] == 1 && isset($_POST[$gateway['name']]['address']) && empty($_POST[$gateway['name']]['address']))
		$missing[$gateway['name']] = true;
if (checkMissing($missing))
	$ERR = $ERR_047;
if ($system->SETTINGS['wordsfilter'] == 'y')
	if (empty($system->filter($_POST['TPL_nick'])))
		$ERR = $MSG['wordfilter_banned_username']; // User name altered by word filter
if (!isset($ERR))
	$birth_day = (isset($_POST['TPL_day'])) ? $_POST['TPL_day'] : '';
	$birth_month = (isset($_POST['TPL_month'])) ? $_POST['TPL_month'] : '';
	$birth_year = (isset($_POST['TPL_year'])) ? $_POST['TPL_year'] : '';
	$DATE = $birth_year . $birth_month . $birth_day;

	if ($system->SETTINGS['spam_register'] == 2)

Regards Richard