Regex not working on extracting URL from text

Eventually I want to end up with the 9bbfc150 part of the URL (not the iframe id in case the user only pastes the URL into the form). Currently finding 0 URLs.


$url_string = ‘’;


$count = count($a[1]);
echo “URLs = " .$count.”

for ($row = 0; $row < $count ; $row++) {
echo $a[1]["$row"]."


The regex isn’t valid. I’m not sure why you have # at the beginning and end but they should be forward slashes.

I also don’t know what {?} is supposed to do.

With these two errors fixed, you are only matching the following string:


Also, why the loop when there is only 1 URL in the string?

Here are a couple options…

You could extract the URL from the src value then extract the ID from that

[php]preg_match_all(’/src="(.*?)"/i’, $url_string, $a);[/php]

You could extract the ID if the URL is always the same /embed/ID

[php]preg_match_all(’/src=".*?/embed/([^/]+)/i’, $url_string, $a);[/php]

This is the same method but also contains the domain validation from your original regex

[php]preg_match_all(’/(www.|https?://)[a-zA-Z0-9]{2,254}.[a-zA-Z0-9]{2,4}/embed/([^/]+)/i’, $url_string, $a);[/php]

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