Redirecting to an element on a page


Hi my question is ‘is it possible to redirect to a particular element on a page’. I am using a one-page web site and I would like the user to be returned to the contact section after they have submitted the form. I can get to the page as in header(‘Location: index.html’); but this takes me to the top of the page. Can I get it to go to the contact form at the bottom of my page. The contact form has a name ‘contactForm’


Yes it is possible, in fact it is very easy.
This section mentions is, “HTML Links - Create a Bookmark”


I probably didn’t explain my self very well my code is this

          header('Location: index.html) 

which is OK as it refers back to the correct page but I would like to go to an section on that page e.g. to the contact section. Is this possible in PHP


Did you read the link? It tells you how to do that. The link would just be what is in the header