Redirect Using PHP - Multiple sites feeding one form


I have a number of sites with the same contact page, and I made a PHP form for each site that sends me an email when someone fills out the contact form. The php form then redirects the person to a ‘goodbye’ page.

For example, here are two of my contact forms:

Each of the above pages has a PHP form that automatically sends me an email. The PHP form then re-directs the person to a goodbye page:

I have many other sites with the same setup. Below is a copy of my standard PHP form. The question is this: instead of making a new PHP form every time I start a new site, I’d like to keep just one PHP form for all my sites. Here is the problem: As you see below, I usually just redirect to ‘contact-thankyou.htm’, which works fine because the PHP form is sitting within the domain. However, if I setup a PHP form on and have the and contact forms use that PHP form, how do I re-direct them back from to the rental site??? I think the ‘$Website’ value should be used in the $redirect_to formula but I can’t figure out how to do it.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


<? $redirect_to = 'contact-thankyou.htm'; $recipient = ''; $Website = $_REQUEST['website']; $Contact_FullName = $_REQUEST['Contact_FullName']; $Contact_Email = $_REQUEST['Contact_Email']; $Contact_WorkPhone = $_REQUEST['Contact_DayPhone']; $Contact_HomePhone = $_REQUEST['Contact_NightPhone']; $Comments = $_REQUEST['Comments']; $message = "The following is a $Website contact form submission: Name: $Contact_FullName Email: $Contact_Email Day Phone: $Contact_DayPhone Night Phone: $Contact_NightPhone Questions or comments: $Comments "; mail ($recipient, 'Contact Form', $message, "From: $Contact_Emailrn"); header ("Location: $redirect_to"); ?>




The easiest thing I can see here is to just put the whole URL of the location where the file is. Add the http:// and the URL and it should work. If you are passing variables, I believe if you set up a $_SESSION variable by calling session_start(); at the top of all of your pages that use this script then the information should get passed. I don’t know if it would or not, I never had to deal with multiple websites.



You should be able to pull which site they are coming from and you should be able use that in the redirect.

Hope that helps!


Thanks for the suggestions! I tried the $_SERVER functions but they are out of my skill range. I ended up just changing the ‘header’ function.

Originally it was:
header (“Location: $redirect_to”);

I changed it to
header (“Location: http://www.$Website/contact-thankyou.htm”);

Again, thanks for your help.