redirect landing page problem

hi .php gurus :), forum looks great and thought it would be of some quick help. i just need a quick solution to this… i’ve more than a couple of pages that i’ve designed as themes for my site.

index.php is the by default page but to replace this like on christmas if i’ve christmas.php and for new year i’ve newyear.php, i just want to be able to do something from the backend where I can just go and choose one of these three files and set as default and the users start landing to christmas.php or newyear.php.

just that is it, instead of changing files name from the ftp time and time again, i just want to be able to do control them like from a backend page or a page, where I can just call these three files and choose anyone of them and somehow set that as default page.

can anyone please help with some easy solution :slight_smile:

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