Recommend a PHP Host?


Can anybody recommend a good reliable and reasonable cost efficient PHP hosting service in the USA?


Which hosts have you found, and why did they not suit your needs?


I really have not looked, that is why I asked. The only one I have come across so far is not bad, but was hoping for a little more since I have multiple domains myself and they only offer with there pro package one domain.



I can offer you domain hosting. If you are interested that is.

Let me know what you need and I can see what I can do for you.

Like you say you have multiple domains, what do want to do with them.



Thank you, just last night I found a host for myself. We’ll see in the next few months if there good or not.


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Of course I would recommend as they are the ones that host this site. They have been extremely accommodating and very helpful.

There is a link to them at the bottom of each page.


Well if you are looking for shared hosting then I recommend you to select hostmonster. I have been with this host for years now.


this is an old topic but wanted to throw my two cents in! I think everyone should go anywhere but godaddy!!! but personally an affordable host that has been pretty good for me over the past few years is bluehost. Stayaway from awardspace they have slow servers and poor customer service.


I like
Fair pricing, and great customer support.


I’ve found hostgator to be pretty decent. I could only justify the expense of a shared host for what I need it for, but I got SSH access, Git installed and reliable, consistent service.


Have you tried Infrastructures, like DigitalOcean or AWS? They have data centers in many USA states. These cloud servers are great for hosting php sites since you get dedicated servers with scalability feature. However, if you don’t know how to manually setup server, including installing OS and setting up and configuring stack, and managing the server, then you will need to either hire sysadmin team for it or go with managed PaaS that supports these providers. One PaaS i know of is Cloudways. Using this platform you can instantly host PHP websites on servers and the platform provider manage your servers for you.