Recipe Website Installation

I want to install a recipe database website I found on Ziddu. The filename is in case anyone else wants to look at it. I unzipped the file and FTP’d the contents to my webserver. There are no instructions with this file but I do see a 50+ meg SQL file with the filename of:


I’m guessing I have to execute that SQL file to create the recipe database but how? I’m a complete noob and the most I’ve ever done with a website is type an entry on Wordpress.

There’s also a conn.php file that I’ll probably have to edit when the database is created. I’m planning on hosting the website on Hostgator. Thanks for any help.

I haven’t used Hostgator so I can’t be sure, but ther should be a PHPMyAdmin section in the control panel that shoud allow you you upload an sql file to create the database the site will use.

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